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The sexual experience of Minx Swingers Parties in Melbourne.

At Minx swingers parties in Melbourne, we certainly value the opportunity to move on to a more intimate place to play and live out some much anticipated fantasies. As you flirt, mingle and tease you can then decide whether or not you are moving on to the sexy and raunchiest after-party, always guaranteed to be held at some of Melbourne’s most exclusive inner city penthouses or apartments.

Minx Parties has adopted an amazing formula called the “Minx Star Rating”. Each and every swingers party we host is given a Minx Star Rating which gives you an insight into what to expect from our swingers parties and more importantly what is expected from you, amazing for new and curious couples and bi-girls who might be wondering what to expect! View our Swingers Guidelines page for detailed information about our “Minx Star Ratings”.