Swinging Guidelines and Rules

What to do & not to do in a Swinger Party

Our clearly defined minx ratings will help you to understand our party formulas and know exactly what to expect when attending one of our swingers parties in Melbourne. It offers swingers advice, and guidelines to make your time with us as successful as possible.


Drinks Night

Purely a social evening, without any organized play party

This is a night suitable for first timers who have yet to discover the specifics involved with the swingers play scene. These nights will be cocktails and drinks only, designed as a meet and greet. Any questions you have can be answered by any of the attendees who know the scene.

Those not new to the scene are also welcome to attend as it’s a great opportunity to meet new couples or just catch up with friends for a drink. These nights will be hosted in a regular up-market bar and the cost of your drinks will be at bar prices and are at your own cost.


Drinks & Play Night

Social evening with a high probability of playtime

This is a night suited to first timers who understand the scene and would like the opportunity to play.

Those not new to the scene are encouraged to join and this night will run the same as the above with meeting for drinks at a bar first, followed by the opportunity to head to a classy apartment or hotel suite for a little more intimacy.


Play Night

You can expect to get freaky tonight

This is a night not suitable for first timers unless they are certain that they know what they want and would like to get involved. This will be a night specifically designed with play time in mind.

Standard condoms and lubricant are supplied although you are more than welcome to bring along your own preferred items.

Safe sex is a must at ALL Minx events and all events are obligation free, meaning you can contribute as little or as much as you are comfortable with. Discretion of attendees is non-negotiable.

Pictures may not be taken.